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Useful Moving Tips

When it comes to moving out of one residential or commercial premises to another, there is so much that needs to be done and organized to ensure a smooth relocation transition.

We have created a simple and easy to follow the checklist that will ensure taking much of your stress out making certain things easier for you to spend some more time with your family and be organized at the same time.

Moving Tips to Remember

 Book Removalists to move your furniture and belongings to the new place on the day when you are scheduled to get the keys to it
 Book Cleaning Service for just Carpet Steam Cleaning or complete End of Lease Cleaning at least 2 days before submitting the keys to your old estate agent. We recommend using Zero Spot Cleaners, offering reliable cleaning services with full bond back assured. Recommended is the next day after the moving is done.
 Apply for disconnection of Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline and Internet Connections at your old place at least a day after the cleaning is scheduled to be done
 Apply for connection of Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline and Internet Connections with your utility providers. We recommend it to be on the day of your moving in
 Buy Moving & Packaging material – Boxes, Tapes, Cutters, Plastic Bags, Bing Liners, Marker Pens, Blankets, Ropes, Mattress Protectors an whatever you may deem required to pack your old house
 Book in pre-packers to help packing of your belongings if assistance is required
 Ensure all the stuff from your old premises is packed up at least a day prior to the one scheduled for the moving. Recommended is to start packing from at least a week before. Pack all rooms in separate boxes and mark all boxes with easy to understand list of contents and which room it belongs to so it can be placed in its respective place when unloaded at the new place
 If moving in to a storage, please ensure to have booked in for a space large enough to accommodate all your belongings
 Parking is another requirement for the Removal Trucks. Please ensure to have arranged for the same from before the arrival of our Removal Truck or Van
 Ensure to have enough cash or bank balance to pay for the removal and cleaning services you have booked in for, since the payment is sought on the same day of the service and no credit is offered by us and most other removalists and cleaners.